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RadTimePicker control comes with a set of predefined styles, which are specified by the styles in the current skin CSS classes. If the Skin property is not set to an empty string, you can use a variety of style properties to further customize the appearance of the control.

Setting these properties will copy any non-blank elements of the specified style to the specific element of the rendered control, overwriting any existing style elements defined by the used skin.


Setting a style property does not always affect the appearance of a control, if the skin has a setting that applies to a more specific element.

RadTimeView Styles

The following table lists the styles that you can assign to the embedded RadTimeView control that acts as a popup to RadTimePicker:

Property Default CSS Class Description
TimeStyle The style for the selectable time values.
AlternatingTimeStyle The style for every other selectable time value.
TimeOverStyle rcHover The style that is applied when the mouse hovers over a time value.
HeaderStyle rcHeader The style for the header region.
FooterStyle rcFooter The style for the footer region.

RadInput Styles

The following table lists the styles that you can assign to the embedded RadInput control of RadTimePicker:

Property Default CSS class Description
EnabledStyle riEnabled The style for the enabled input control.
DisabledStyle riDisabled The style that is applied for the disabled input control.
EmptyMessageStyle riEmpty The style when the value is not set and the input control does not have focus.
FocusedStyle riFocused The style when the input control has focus.
HoveredStyle riHover The style when the mouse hovers over the input control.
InvalidStyle riError The style when the value of the input control is invalid.

The CSS class definitions for the embedded RadInput control are found in the Input CSS skin file rather than the Calendar CSS file.

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