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TagCloudItem Object

You can find in this help article information how to get the RadTagCloudItem client-side object and use its properties and methods.

You can get instance of the RadTagCloudItem client-side object using the appropriate methods of the RadTagCould object (e.g., via the get_items() method).


Name Parameters Return Type Description
createAnchor Object Creates an anchor element inside the item's container and returns its instance.
get_accessKey String Returns the accessKey attribute's value of the item's anchor element.
get_anchorElement Object Returns the item's anchor element. If one does not exist, it will be created automatically.
get_index Number Returns the index of the RadTagCloudItem.
get_navigateUrl String Returns the value set to the NavigateUrl property.
get_rowIndex Number Returns the index of the item's row.
get_tabIndex Number Returns the value set to the TabIndex property.
get_text String Returns the Text of the item.
get_toolTip String Returns the text set to the item's Tooltip property.
get_value String Returns the value set to the Value property.
get_weight Number Returns the weight indicator.
set_accessKey String Sets the accessKey attribute of the item's anchor element.
set_navigateUrl String Sets the NavigateUrl property of the item.
set_tabIndex Number Sets the TabIndex property of the item.
set_text String Sets the text of the item.
set_toolTip String Sets the tooltip text of the item.
set_value String Sets the value of the item.
set_weight Number Sets the weight indicator of the item.

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