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Controlling Appearance

There are a number of ways you can customize the look & feel of your RadTabStrip control:


  • Use the Orientation property to control the basic orientation of the tab strip.

  • Set the IsBreak property on individual tabs to add a break after the tab. On horizontal tab strips, the next tabs appear in a new row. On vertical tab strips, a gap appears before the next tabs.

  • Set the IsSeparator property of individual tabs to have them act as separators that visually break up the layout but can't be selected.

  • Set the Height and Width properties to limit the dimensions of the tab strip. When the tab strip is too small to display its child tabs, it truncates the display unless you enable scrolling.

  • Use the dir="tabstrip-rtl" attribute to give the menu a right-to-left orientation.

For more information about using the layout properties, see Controlling Layout.

Look and Feel

  • To change the overall look and feel of the tab strip, set the Skin property.

  • To change the look of an individual tab in the menu, including reflecting the tab's state, use a CSS class property.

  • Use the properties of the individual tabs to add images.

  • Use templates to add controls to the tabs in the tab strip.

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