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Choosing Spell Check Provider

RadSpell can use three spellcheck algorithms to provide the most adequate spelling suggestions for your language. The algorithms are selected by setting the SpellCheckProvider property to one of the following values:

  • PhoneticProvider, TelerikProvider: This provider uses phonetic codes to provide "sounds like" word suggestions. Really effective for English, but less so for other languages. The TelerikProvider is the default value of the SpellCheckProvider property and is equivalent to PhoneticProvider.

  • EditDistanceProvider: This provider uses the edit distance algorithm. EditDistanceProvider work best for non-western languages. The EditDistanceProvider has a specific setting, called EditDistance, which controls the count of the suggested words and affects the performance of the spellcheck algorithm.

  • MicrosoftWordProvider: This provider automates Microsoft Word via its COM Interop interface. You need to have installed Microsoft Word on your server in order to use this provider.

The example below demonstrates how to use and configure the EditDistanceProvider:

RadSpell1.SpellCheckProvider = SpellCheckProvider.EditDistanceProvider;
RadSpell1.EditDistance = 2;                 
RadSpell1.SpellCheckProvider = SpellCheckProvider.EditDistanceProvider
RadSpell1.EditDistance = 2              
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