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Facebook Specifics

This help article lists the requirements and known issues with the Facebook standard buttons in the RadSocialShare control.

Facebook Requirements

The proper functionality of the Facebook buttons requires the following setup:

  • Set the global RadSocialShare's FacebookAppId property. More information about obtaining Facebook Application ID is available in the How do I get a Facebook Application ID? KB.

  • Аdd the following XML namespace to the tag of your document in order for the buttons to work properly in earlier versions of Internet Explorer.


    <html xmlns="" xmlns:fb="">

    For versions prior to the Q3 2014 release, you should use the following XML namespace:


    <html xmlns="" xmlns:fb="" xmlns:og="">

Known issues

Facebook Buttons Are Not Rendered in Internet Explorer 7

This is an issue with the Facebook scripts that RadSocialShare only uses. Facebook are phasing out the support for IE 7 and you can also see the same behavior on their live page (e.g., the Like Button page). More information on the matter is available in the Facebook phasing out support for Internet Explorer 7 blog post.

Facebook Button Events Are Not Fired

More information is available in the Standard Buttons' Events help article.

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