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The main elements of the RadSocialShare control are:radsocialshare-structure

  • MainButtons - these are the buttons that are always visible on the page

  • CompactButton - this is an extra button that is not used for sharing, but to show the other available buttons

  • CompactButtons list - these are the buttons that are not initially visible on the page, yet are easily reachable in a movable popup

  • SearchBox - you can start typing a social network's name and the CompactButtons will be filtered accordingly

  • CompactButtons popup - the RadWindow that holds the additional buttons

  • Send E-mail button - a button that pops up a form in a RadWindow that allows you to send an e-mail via a dedicated server

  • Mailto button - a button that triggers the system's default mail client to send an e-mail via the user machine

  • Label Text - the text associated with the button. It can be set explicitly via a property. The CompactButtons have a predefined value which is used for the Search Box even if you do not set the label explicitly.

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