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Buttons Collection

RadSearchBox implements a button collection for additional custom buttons inside.

Each one of these buttons has the following inbuilt properties:

  • CommandName - holds the command name of the button.

  • CommandArgument - holds the command argument of the button.

  • Position - sets the position of the image button relative to the input element. It has two possible values: Left and Right. The default value is Left.

  • ImageUrl - the URL of the image that will be loaded in the button.

  • AlternateText - the text that will be shown in case the image is not loaded.

When a button is clicked, an onClientButtonCommand event is fired. If the server OnButtonCommand event is declared it is fired as well.

Here is how a sample RadSearchBox would look like with additional buttons: searchbox autocomplete false

<telerik:RadSearchBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadSearchBox2" Width="300">
        <telerik:SearchBoxButton ImageUrl="../Img/icon_globe.png" CommandName="Globe"
            CommandArgument="globe" Position="Left" AlternateText="globe" />
        <telerik:SearchBoxButton ImageUrl="../Img/icon_favourites.png" CommandName="Favorites"
            CommandArgument="favorites" Position="Right" AlternateText="favorites" />
    <DropDownSettings Width="300" />
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