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Assembly White List

Below, you can find the answers of some questions related to the assembly whitelist and why you should use it:

Q: What is assembly white list?

A: Assembly white is a list of assemblies defined by the developer, which can be used by RadScriptManager for cross checking the assemblies that are about to be loaded through the Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd handler.

Q: Why should I use it?

A: You may want to use assembly whitelist if you want to be 100% sure that malicious requests cannot load unwanted assemblies on the server.

Q: How can I set assembly whitelist?

A: You can either use the AssemblyWhiteList collection of RadScriptManager or use the Assembly White List provider that we provide. The provider will look into a specific file, pointed by the developer, which contains the fully qualified names of the assemblies to be put in the whitelist.

Q: Can I create my own provider, to obtain the list, for example, from a DCOM permission list?

A: Yes you can. Simply inherit our base provider and implement the abstract methods.

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