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Replace the Edit Form

You can use the OnClientAppointmentEditing and OnClientAppointmentInserting events to replace the default edit form with one of your own. This example shows how to replace them with an edit form that is implemented using RadWindow.

  1. Drag a RadScheduler onto your Web page from the toolbox.

  • Bind the scheduler to a data source.

  • Set its StartEditingInAdvancedForm property to False,so that the new custom edit form is not loaded unless the user clicks the "more" link.

  1. Drag a RadAjaxLoadingPanel from the toolbox onto your Web page. On the body of the loading panel, type the literal "Loading..."

  2. Drag a RadAjaxManager onto your Web page.

  3. In the AJAX manager's Smart Tag, choose "Configure Ajax Manager".

  4. In the Property Builder, select the RadScheduleras a control that initiates a request and as the updated control by this request. Assign the RadAjaxLoadingPanel as the loading panel for this pair. Then select the RadAjaxManager as a control that initiates a request and select the RadScheduler as the updated control.

  5. Give the AJAX manager an AjaxRequest event handler to rebind the scheduler after an edit:


    protected void RadAjaxManager1_AjaxRequest(object sender, AjaxRequestEventArgs e)
        if (e.Argument == "RebindScheduler")


    Protected Sub RadAjaxManager1_AjaxRequest( _
                    ByVal sender As Object, _
                    ByVal e As AjaxRequestEventArgs)
        If e.Argument = "RebindScheduler" Then
        End If
    End Sub
  6. Switch to Source view and add the following javascript functions to your page:


    function AppointmentEditing(sender, eventArgs)
         var apt = eventArgs.get_appointment();
         window.radopen("AdvancedForm.aspx?Mode=Edit&AppointmentId=" + apt.get_id(), "AdvancedForm");
    function AppointmentInserting(sender, eventArgs)
         var start = formatDate(eventArgs.get_startTime());
         var isAllDay = eventArgs.get_isAllDay();
         // New appointment
         window.radopen("AdvancedForm.aspx?Mode=Insert&Start=" + start + "&IsAllDay=" + isAllDay, "AdvancedForm");   
    function formatDate(date)
        var year = padNumber(date.getUTCFullYear(), 4);
        var month = padNumber(date.getUTCMonth() + 1, 2);
        var day = padNumber(date.getUTCDate(), 2);
        var hour = padNumber(date.getUTCHours(), 2);
        var minute = padNumber(date.getUTCMinutes(), 2);
        return year + month + day + hour + minute;
    function padNumber(number, totalDigits)
        number = number.toString();
        var padding = '';
        if (totalDigits > number.length)
         for (i = 0; i < (totalDigits - number.length); i++)
           padding += '0';
        return padding + number.toString();
    function refreshScheduler()
         var ajaxManager = $find("RadAjaxManager1");
  7. Set the OnClientAppointmentEditing property of your RadScheduler to "AppointmentEditing" and the OnClientAppointmentInserting property to "AppointmentInserting". These two javascript functions are defined in the javascript you added to your page.They call window.radopen() to open a RadWindow with content defined by AdvancedForm.aspx. AdvancedForm.aspx is a Web Form that takes information about the appointment from the URL. It uses four query parameters: Mode, which is "Insert" or "Edit" depending on whether the form is inserting a new appointment or editing an existing one; AppointmentId, which is the keyfor the appointment to edit; Start, which is the start time for an inserted appointment and IsAllDay, which indicates whether an inserted appointment should begin as an all-day event. AdvancedForm.aspx has its own reference to the data source that the scheduler uses, and uses that data source to obtain information about the appointment to be edited, as well as to save any changes made by the user. For more information on AdvancedForm.aspx, see the Customizing Advanced Insert and Edit Forms demo.

    The AppointmentEditing and AppointmentInserting functions call eventArgs.set_cancel(true) to prevent the scheduler from editing or inserting the appointment: this is handled by the edit form instead.

    The AdvancedForm.aspx user control can be found in the folder of your local installation of Telerik.Web.UI suit -> Live Demos\Scheduler\Examples\AdvancedFormTemplate*

  8. Drag a RadWindowManager onto your page and add a window to the RadWindowManager.

    • Set the ID property of the window to "AdvancedForm"

    • Set the Title property to "Edit an Appointment"

    • Set the ReloadOnShow property to True

    • Set theModal property to True

    • Set the VisibleStatusBar property to False

    • Set the Behaviors property to "Close"

    • Set the OnClientClose property to the "refreshScheduler" function from the javascript you added to your page. The refreshScheduler function causes the AJAX manager to trigger a rebind of the scheduler to reflectthe changes made in the new edit form.

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