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The OnClientTimeSlotContextMenu client-side event is called when the user right-clicks on a Time Slot. It fires before the built-in context menu is shown (if it is enabled).

Two parameters are passed to the event handler:

  • sender is the scheduler client object.

  • eventArgs has the following methods:

  • get_domEvent() - returns the raw DOM event sent by the browser.

  • get_isAllDay() - returns True if the Time Slot is the 'All Day' slot (Day and Week View only) or False if the Time Slot is a regular one.

  • get_targetSlot() - returns the Time Slot which is right-clicked.

  • get_startSlot() - returns the first time slot in the slot selection.

  • get_endSlot() - returns the last time slot in the slot selection.

  • get_time() - returns the time on which the user right-clicks in the Time Slot in Day View; returns Day Start Time in Week View.

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