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Keyboard Support

As of Q2 2011 RadScheduler introduces keyboard support. In order to activate it, appropriate TabIndex should be set.

The keyboard navigation has the following functionalities:

  • Use the Up and Down arrows to move up and down the selected time slot (Day view)

  • Use the Up/Down/Right/Left arrows to navigate through timeslots(Month/Week views)

  • Use Tab to switch the focus among appointments

  • Use Shift + Tab to switch the focus among appointments backwards

  • Press Enter to add an appointment when the focus is on a time slot

  • Press Enter on existing appointment to trigger edit

  • Press Delete on appointment to remove it from the schedule

  • Press Esc to cancel insert/update of an Appointment

  • Alt + S saves the appointment

  • Alt + C cancels the edit / insertion

  • Alt + O opens advanced form

  • Use Shift + arrows to select multiple timeslots (like in Outlook)

The available key combinations are listed below:

Keyboard shortcuts are the same as the Microsoft Outlook ones

  • CTRL+RIGHT ARROW(day view) - Go to the next day.

  • CTRL+LEFT ARROW(dayview) - Go to the previous day.

  • ALT+DOWN ARROW (week view) - Go to the next week.

  • ALT+UP ARROW(week view) - Go to the previous week.

  • ALT+PAGE DOWN(month view) - Go to the next month.

  • ALT+PAGE UP (month view) - Go to the previous month.

  • CTRL+G - Open the date picker.

  • ALT+HOME(week and day view) - Go to the start of the week.

  • ALT+END(week and day view) - Go to the end of the week.

  • ALT and "+" - Go to month view.

  • ALT and "–" - Go to week view.

  • ALT + any number (0-9) - Go to day view.

See live example at Keyboard Support

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