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The server-side MenuItemClickevent occurs when the user clicks on a menu item, causing a postback.

The event handler function receives two arguments:

  1. The RadRibbonBar which has fired the event. This argument is of type object, but can be cast to the RadRibbonBar type.

  2. An EventArgs object with the following properties:

    • Item - the clicked item.

    • ParentItem - the parent item of the clicked item.

    • Menu - the parent menu of the clicked item.

    • Group - the group of the clicked item parent menu.

    • Index - the index of the clicked item in its containing group.

<telerik:RadRibbonBar RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadRibbonBar1" runat="server" 
    <telerik:RibbonBarTab Text="Home">
        <telerik:RibbonBarGroup Text="Image">
                <telerik:RibbonBarMenu Size="Medium" Text="Rotate" ImageUrl="icons/Rotate.png">
                        <telerik:RibbonBarMenuItem Text="Rotate Right 90�" ImageUrl="icons/Rotate.png" />
                        <telerik:RibbonBarMenuItem Text="Rotate Left 90�" ImageUrl="icons/RotateLeft.png" />
                        <telerik:RibbonBarMenuItem Text="Rotate 180�" ImageUrl="icons/Rotate180.png" />
                        <telerik:RibbonBarMenuItem Text="Flip Horizontal" ImageUrl="icons/FlipHorizontal.png" />
                        <telerik:RibbonBarMenuItem Text="Flip Vertical" ImageUrl="icons/FlipVertical.png" />
<asp:Literal runat="server" ID="Literal1"></asp:Literal>

protected void RadRibbonBar1_MenuItemClick(object sender, RibbonBarMenuItemClickEventArgs e)
    Literal1.Text += "Text: " + e.Item.Text + "<br/>";

Protected Sub RadRibbonBar1_MenuItemClick(sender As Object, e As RibbonBarMenuItemClickEventArgs)
    Literal1.Text += "Text: " + e.Item.Text + "<br/>"
End Sub

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