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The RibbonBarButton has a few important properties, which are listed below:

  • Text is the string that the user sees displayed on the RibbonBarButton.

  • Tooltip is a string that appears in the tooltip window when the user hovers the mouse over the RibbonBarButton.

  • Size determines the size of the RibbonBarButton. Use the Size property to specify the item's initial size:

    • For small icon: RibbonBarItemSize.Small
    • For small icon with text: RibbonBarItemSize.Medium
    • For large icon with text: RibbonBarItemSize.Large.
  • ImageAltText specifies the alternate text of the image.

  • ImageUrlLarge specifies a custom image that will be used when the item has Size = RibbonBarItemSize.Large.

  • ImageUrl specifies a custom image that will be used when the item has Size = RibbonBarItemSize.Small or RibbonBarItemSize.Medium.

  • ImageRenderingMode determines the rendering mode of the image. In case ImageRenderingMode is not explicitly set (meaning RibbonBar's ImageRenderingMode is Auto), it's considered as follows:

    • If ImageUrl is set and ImageUrlLarge is not set: the mode is Clip
    • Any other case: Dual
  • CssClass is the name of a CSS style to be applied to the RibbonBarButton. The style can be declared in the CSS file of the applied skin.

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