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Getting Started

Below are the basic steps needed to install and configure the RadRating control in Visual Studio:

  1. Drag ASP ScriptManager or RadScriptManager control from the VS Toolbox to the page.

  2. Drag RadRating from VS Toolbox to the page

  3. Set RadRating's common properties

    1. AutoPostBack - Gets or sets a value indicating whether the RadRating control will initiate a postback after its value changes.

    2. ItemCount - Gets or sets the number of items in the RadRating control - e.g. the number of stars that the control will have.

    3. Precision - Gets or sets the rating precision for the RadRating control - the precision with which the user can rate.

    4. IsDirectionReversed - Gets or sets the direction of the RadRating control, that is, the position of the item (star) with value 1.

    5. ReadOnly - Gets or sets a value indicating whether the RadRating control is in read-only mode.

    6. SelectionMode - Gets or sets the selection mode for the RadRating control - when the user rates, either mark a single item (star) as selected or all items(stars) from the first to the selected one.

    7. Orientation - Gets or sets the orientation of the RadRating control.

    8. Value - Gets or sets the current rating for the RadRating control.

  4. Build and view the result in the browser

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