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CSS Classes

RadRating CSS Classes and their description:

CSS Class Description
.RadRating_MySkin a,.RadRating_ MySkin a span CSS class for styling the anchor background.
* html .RadRating_ MySkin a,* html .RadRating_ MySkin a span Same as above, but styles the anchor in Internet Explorer 6 with .GIF image, as this browser does not render .PNG files properly.
.RadRating Decorates RadRating wrapping element
.RadRating ul,.RadRating li,.RadRating .rrtVertical li,.RadRating ul:after Decorates RadRating Unordedred List
.RadRating a,.RadRating a span Decorates RadRating anchor and contained span
.RadRating .rrtVertical a span Decorates vertical anchor and span
.RadRating .rrtOver a,.RadRating .rrtOver a span Decorates Hover state
.RadRating .rrtSelected a span Decorates selected state
.RadRating .rrtReversed a span The SPAN element represents the unselected part of the reveresed item
.RadRating .rrtReversed .rrtSelected a span,.RadRating .rrtVertical.rrtReversed .rrtSelected a span,.RadRating .rrtReversed .rrtOver a span,.RadRating .rrtReversed .rrtSelected a,.RadRating .rrtReversed .rrtSelected.rrtOver a Decorates selected, reversed, over states
.RadRating ul li .rrtPart,.RadRating ul li .rrtPartComplement,.RadRating ul.rrtReversed li .rrtPart,.RadRating ul.rrtReversed li .rrtPartComplement,.RadRating ul.rrtReversed.rrtVertical li .rrtPart Selected/not selected parts in mode Precision!=Item
.RadRating .rrtCustomItemImages a,.RadRating .rrtCustomItemImages a span,.RadRating .rrtHiddenImages Items, defined in the Items collection

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