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RadPersistenceManager is the main control from Telerik Persistence Framework. RadPersistenceManager provides centralized configuration point for Telerik controls' state persistence.

The main features of RadPersistenceManager are:

  • Define visually and codeless (in Visual Studio design-time) Telerik controls which state should be persisted.
  • No need to modify your application logic.
  • No need to write JavaScript to restore controls client state.

Note that you cannot have more than one RadPersistenceManager in a single page. In case of MasterPage and / or WebUserControl, the best option is to use RadPersistenceManager on the master/main page and use RadPersistenceManagerProxy in the ContentPage / WebUserControl.

Configure state persistence in Configuration Wizard

RadPersistenceManager comes with a visual builder for setting up the controls that should be persisted. You can access the Configuration Wizard from the SmartTag for RadPersistenceManager. The Wizard's dialog will contain a list of the supported Telerik controls that present in the same NamingContainer as the RadPersistenceManager and you can easily select specific control(s) for persistence.


Configure state persistence in the markup

Declaratively you can define PersistenceSetting by ControlId defining single control to be persisted.

<telerik:RadPersistenceManager ID="RadPersistenceManager1" runat="server">
        <telerik:PersistenceSetting ControlID="RadTreeView1" />

Configure state persistence in the code behind

In code-behind you can add persistence settings to define controls in three different ways:

  • Define PersistenceSetting by control's ID - define single control for persistence
//add setting by control's ID
'add setting by control's ID
  • Define PersistenceSetting by control's instance - define single control for persistence
//add setting by control's instance
'add setting by control's instance
  • Define PersistenceSetting by control's type - define all controls of specific type for persistence
//add setting by control's type
'add setting by control's type
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