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Supported Controls

The main functionality of Telerik Persistence Framework is to provide long-term UI state persistence of Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls. Since not all Telerik controls have user interaction modifiable configuration not all of the controls' state can be persisted.

Following is a list of controls and the properties that can be persisted with Persistence Framework:

Control Properties
RadButton Checked, SelectedToggleStateIndex
RadCalendar FocusedDate, SelectedDate
RadColorPicker SelectedColor
RadComboBox Selected Nodes, Checked Nodes
RadDataPager PageSize, StartRowIndex
RadDock Closed, Collapsed, DockZoneID, ExpandedHeight, Height, Index, Left, Pinned, Top, Width
RadDropDownList SelectedIndex
RadDropDownTree ExpandedIndices, CheckedIndices, Selected indices of the embedded tree
RadFilter FilterExpression (internal property)
RadGrid Grid settings: CurrentPageIndex, PageSize, EditIndexes, SelectedCellIndexes, SelectedIndexes, AllowMultiColumnSorting, Group-by expressions, Sort Expressions, Filter Expressions;
Column settings: Width, OrderIndex, Display, Visible, CurrentFilterFunction, CurrentFilterValue;
Make sure to call the .Rebind() method of the grid after you call .LoadState(), so that the newly loaded settings take effect.
Hierarchy and DetailTable persistence is not supported
MasterTableView ColumnSettings, CurrentPageIndex, FilterExpression, GroupByExpression, IsItemInserted, PageSize, SortExpression
RadListBox CheckedIndices (internal property), SelectedIndices (internal property)
RadListView CurrentPageIndex, EditIndexes, FilterExpressions, IsItemInserted, PageSize, SelectedIndexes, SortExpressions
RadMenu SelectedIndex
RadOrgChart CollapsedIndices (internal property), GroupCollapseIndices (internal property)
RadPane CollapsedHeightWidth
RadPanelBar ExpandedIndices (internal property), SelectedIndex (internal property)
RadPivotGrid AggregatesPosition, AggregatesLevel, PageSize, CurrentPageIndex, FilterExpressions, field settings (SortOrder, ZoneIndex, UniqueName, ZoneType), CollapsedRowIndexes, CollapsedColumnIndexes, SortExpressions, ConfigurationPanel-LayoutType
RadRibbonBar Minimized, SelectedTabIndex
RadScheduler Selected Date, Selected View
RadSkinManager Skin
RadSlider SelectionEnd, SelectionStart, Value
RadSlidingPane Height, Width
RadSlidingZone DockedPaneId, ExpandedPaneId
RadTabStrip SelectedIndices (internal property)
RadTileList TileGroupIndices (internal property), SelectedTilesUniqueIds (internal property)
RadToolBar CheckedIndices (internal property)
RadTreeList CurrentPageIndex, EditIndexes, ExpandedIndexes, InsertIndexes, IsItemInserted, PageSize, SelectedIndexes, SortExpressions
RadTreeView CheckedIndices (internal property), ExpandedIndices (internal property), SelectedIndex (internal property)
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