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Template Design Surface

The Template Design Surface lets you design templates for the items that appear in the panel bar. There are two ways to display the Template Design Surface:

  • Choose Edit Templates from the RadPanelBar Smart Tag : Smart Tag Edit Templates

  • Choose Edit Template from the RadPanelBar context menu and select the type of template you want to edit:Edit Template Menu

Either way, The Template Design Surface appears:

Template Design Surface

On the design surface, you can drag any HTML elements or controls from the toolbox, as well as typing any literal text.

You can edit templates for all items using the RadPanelItem Template. You can also edit templates for individual panel items. Once you have added panel items to your RadPanelBar component, select a specific item from the list of item templates in the Smart Tag, or edit them all at once by choosing Edit Template | Item Templates from the RadPanelBar context menu.

When you have finished designing your template, choose End Template Editing from the RadPanelBarcontext menu or Smart Tag.

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