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Server Templates

Content Templates

As of Q1 2014 release of the Telerik controls you can use the specially created ContentTemplate that allows you to modify the content (where normally the child items would reside)of a single menu item as desired.

You can use the ContentTemplate of a menu item with either root items or child items.However, when the ContentTemplate is used no child items can be set to the item containingthe template and the content in the template is used instead. Thus, you can modify the contentof the menu item as desired – you can style it, place different HTML elements, Telerik controlsas well as third-party controls. If you use ItemTemplate and ContentTemplate at the same time, the first will be applied directly to the item while the second will be applied instead of child item.Finally, if there is a global template and a ContentTemplate on some item,the content template will take precedence.

Note that once you set the ContentTemplate to an item, this item cannot have child items.In contrast to that however, an item can have both an individual ItemTemplate and a ContentTemplate – the ItemTemplate is applied directly to the item while the ContentTemplate is used as a contained that holds.

Item Templates

You can use the ItemTemplate for both setting template to a single menu item andto all items in a menu (applied as global template). For example you can set a global template to all menu itemsand if you need to further customize only a single or several items you can do so by applying the ItemTemplate again only to the needed items.


The following example (Figure 1.) shows a menu that uses a global template on child items and a content template.The first root level item uses both ContentTemplate and an ItemTemplate thatoverride the global template of the menu items:

Figure 1. Using ItemTemplate, ContentTemplate and global templates


Figure 2. Markup code used for the menu with ItemTemplate, ContentTemplate and global templates

Templates Markup

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