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Migrating From RadMenu ASP.NET to ASP.NET AJAX

RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX contains a number of changes because of moving from the ASP.NET to the Ajax framework of the Telerik.Web.UI suite.These changes are listed below:

Context menu

The context menu functionality has been separated as a new control – RadContextMenu.

Server-side API changes

The changes to the server-side API are minimal:

  • GetAllItems now returns IList, instead of an ArrayList.

  • ImageOverUrl has been renamed to HoveredImageUrl.

Client-side API changes

The client-side API of RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX has been heavily revised to accommodate new features. In addition, all for ASP.NET AJAX controls follow the MS AJAX naming convention. In order to migrate from RadMenu "Classic", the method calls and property accessors should use the new convention. A reference table is included below.

RadMenu class


RadMenu "Classic" RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX
Close close
Disable disable
DisableEvents disableEvents
Enable enable
EnableEvents enableEvents
FindItemById -
FindItemByText findItemByText
FindItemByUrl findItemByUrl
FindItemByValue findItemByValue
- findItemByAttribute
Focus focus
GetAttribute getAttributes().getAttribute
Hide ->RadContextMenu.hide
MouseEventX -
MouseEventY -
SetAttribute getAttributes().setAttribute
SetContextElementID use RadContextMenu.set_targets
Show ->
ShowAt ->RadContextMenu.showAt
AttachEvent add_
DetachEvent remove_
TrackClientChanges trackChanges
CommitClientChanges commitChanges
AllItems get_allItems
Enabled get_enabled, set_enabled
FocusedItem get_focusedItem
ID get_id
Items get_item
OpenedItem get_openedItem
ClickToOpen get_clickToOpen, set_clickToOpen
ExpandDelay get_expandDelay, set_expandDelay
CollapseDelay get_collapseDelay, set_collapseDelay
Templated get_templated
CssClass get_cssClass, set_cssClass
DomElement get_element
ItemBlur itemBlur
ItemFocus itemFocus
ItemClicked itemClicked
ItemClicking itemClicking
ItemClose itemClosing, itemClosed
MouseOver mouseOver
MouseOut mouseOut
ItemOpen itemOpening, itemOpened
ContextShowing RadContextMenu.showing
ContextShown RadContextMenu.shown
ContextHidden RadContextMenu.hidden

RadMenuItem class


RadMenu "Classic" RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX
Blur blur
Close close
Disable disable
Enable enable
Focus focus
FocusFirstChild focusFirstChild
FocusLastChild focusLastChild
FocusNextItem focusNextItem
FocusPreviousItem focusPreviousItem
GetAttribute get_attributes().getAttribute
GetNextItem get_nextItem
GetPreviousItem get_previousItem
Hide hide
IsVisible get_visible
Open open
SetAttribute get_attributes().setAttribute
SetImageOverUrl get_imageOverUrl, set_imageOverUrl
SetImageUrl get_imageUrl, set_imageUrl
SetText get_text, set_text
SetValue get_value, set_value
Show show
DomElement get_element
Enabled get_enabled, set_enabled
Focused get_focused, set_focused
FocusedItem get_focusedItem
GlobalIndex -
ID -
ImageElement get_imageElement
Index get_index
IsSeparator get_isSeparator
Items get_item
Level get_level
LinkElement get_linkElement
Menu get_menu
OpenedItem get_openedItem
Parent get_parent
Text get_textset_text
TextElement get_textElement
Value get_valueset_value

RadMenuItemCollection class

The items property of RadMenu returns a fully-featured collection object. Here is a brief reference:


Member Notes
add(item) Adds an item to the end of the collection.
insert(index, item) Inserts an item at the specified index.
remove(item) Removes an item from the collection.
clear() Clears the collection.
getItem(index) Gets a specific item by index.
indexOf(item) Finds the index of a specified item in the collection.
removeAt(index) Removes an item at the specified index.
get_count() Returns the number of items in the collection.

CSS class names

The CSS class names have been prefixed with "rm" in order to avoid overlapping with other controls.


RadMenu "Classic" RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX
bottomArrow rmBottomArrow
clicked rmClicked
disabled rmDisabled
expandBottom rmExpandBottom
expanded rmExpanded
expandLeft rmExpandLeft
expandRight rmExpandRight
expandTop rmExpandTop
first rmFirst
focused rmFocused
group rmGroup
horizontal rmHorizontal
item rmItem
last rmLast
leftArrow rmLeftArrow
leftImage rmLeftImage
level rmLevel
link rmLink
rightArrow rmRightArrow
rootGroup rmRootGroup
scrollWrap rmScrollWrap
separator rmSeparator
slide rmSlide
template rmTemplate
text rmText
topArrow rmTopArrow
vertical rmVertical

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