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The Banners are the perfect tool in cases when you want to display your company logo, a helpful tip or any related link while playing your media file.

For a given amount of time, the user can see and use the Banner as a navigation to external sources. Media Player Banners 1

Defining the Banners

You can define your own custom Banners by adding MediaPlayerBanner elements within the RadMediaPlayer.Banners collection.

<telerik:RadMediaPlayer RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadMediaPlayer1" runat="server"
   Title="Take a Tour of the Telerik Platform"
   Height="360px" Width="640px"
      <telerik:MediaPlayerBanner StartTime="5" EndTime="30" ImageUrl="~/banner.png"
           AlternateText="Telerik UI Controls"
           NavigateURL="" />

Configuration Settings

You can customize the Banner per your requirements inside any declared MediaPlayerBanner tag. Short descriptionfor each of the settings is given below:

  • BannerCloseButtonToolTip: Defines the text ToolTip of the close buttons of the Banners. This option is available directlyin the main RadMediaPlayer tag.

  • AlternateText: Defines the alternate text displayed in the Banner when the image is unavailable.

  • EndTime: Defines the hide time for the Banner.

  • ImageUrl: Defines the URL of the Banner image.

  • NavigateURL: Defines the Navigate URL of the Banner, which leads to an external source.

  • ShowCloseButton: Indicates whether the close button should be visible for the Banner.

  • StartTime: Defines the show time of the Banner.

  • Target: Controls the target window or frame that displays the Web page content, which the Banner links to.

  • ToolTip: Defines the text ToolTip of the image shown as banner.

Controlling the Appearance

For altering and customizing the position and appearance of the Banner, you can make avail of the rmpBanner class.

<style type="text/css">
    .rmpBanner {
        margin-left: 30%;
        .rmpBanner img {
            width: 400px;

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