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Add a Check All Item

From Q3 2013 you can use a CheckAll checkbox functionality in RadListBox. You can set the ShowCheckAll property of RadListBox to True and if CheckBoxes is also set to true the CheckAll checkbox will be shown at the top of all other items of RadListBox.

This article will show you how to have an item which checks/unchecks all other items (CheckBoxes = True). In addition, checking manually all other items will cause this item to get checked as well. Unchecking one item from all will uncheck it too.

<telerik:RadListBox RenderMode="Lightweight" id="RadListBox1" runat="server" skin="Vista" onclientitemchecked="onItemChecked"
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="All" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem2" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem3" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem4" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem5" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem6" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem7" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem8" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem9" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem10" />
       <telerik:RadListBoxItem runat="server" Text="RadListBoxItem11" />
function onItemChecked(sender, e) {
    var item = e.get_item();
    var items = sender.get_items();
    var checked = item.get_checked();
    var firstItem = sender.getItem(0);
    if (item.get_text() == "All") {
        items.forEach(function (itm) { itm.set_checked(checked); });
    else {
        if (sender.get_checkedItems().length == items.get_count() - 1) {

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