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Localization Overview

RadImageEditor is fully localized using Global resources. The control comes with three built-in language packs, English, German and French, between you can easily switch be setting the Language property or setting UICulture property to the @Page directive. The Language property is with higher priority than the global UICulture setting.

Similar to RadGrid, RadEditor and RadScheduler, you can use resx files to localize (or customize) the control’s localization strings with minimum efforts. The Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite’s installation wizard copies the built-in resource files in the App_GlobalResources folder in your local installation.

Resource Files Location

You can either create your own language pack or use an existing one (if available for your language).

Create New Language

The following steps demonstrate how to create a new language pack for RadImageEditor.

  1. Add App_GlobalResources folder to the application folder (if it does not already exists).

  2. Copy RadImageEditor.Main.resx and RadImageEditor.Dialogs.resx files to App_GlobalResources folder.

  3. Create another copies of the above files and name them according to the new language’s culture. RadImageEditor.Main.[your_language].resx and RadImageEditorDialogs.[your_language].resx.

    Please note that you need to keep the original files in the folder as well

  4. Open the newly copied language specific resource file and modify the keys’ values

    Create New Language Resource Files

    Please do not modify/remove the ReservedResource key.

  5. Set the RadImageEditor’s Language property to the corresponding language:


    <telerik:RadImageEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadImageEditor1" Language="bg-BG">


    RadImageEditor1.Language = "bg-BG";


    RadImageEditor1.Language = "bg-BG"
  6. When you run the application, the new resources will be recognized and the corresponding hints or other UI elements will display in the new language:

    Create New Language Preview

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