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If you want to perform postback instead of callback when the grid is AJAX-enabled using RadAjaxManager or RadAjaxPanel, you can:

  1. Provide a JavaScript event handler on the appropriate client event of the control that should initiate postback requests.

  2. In the JavaScript event handler, invoke the doPostBack(eventSrc, eventArgs) function of the ASP.NET framework, passing identifying information about the event as the second argument. The doPostBack function takes the following two arguments:

  3. eventSrc is the control that raises the postback event. If this control is directly on the HtmlForm, you can use the control's UniqueID or ClientID. Otherwise if your control is in an INamingContainer, you must use the control's UniqueID.

  4. eventArgs is an optional argument for the event that lets you pass data to the server.The following example shows how to call the doPostBack function, passing information about the currently clicked row of a grid:


    doPostBack("<%= RadGrid1.UniqueID   %>", "RowClicked:" + this.Rows[index].ItemIndex);
  5. Process the postback in the code-behind of the page (managing the RaisePostBackEventHandler in a similar fashion to that presented in this knowledge base article ). You can check whether the source control that triggers the request is RadGrid - then execute some custom logic:

protected override void RaisePostBackEvent(IPostBackEventHandler source, string eventArgument)
    base.RaisePostBackEvent(source, eventArgument);

    if (source == RadGrid1 && eventArgument.IndexOf("RowClicked") != -1)
        GridDataItem item = RadGrid1.Items[int.Parse(eventArgument.Split(':')[1])];
        Response.Write(String.Format("CustomerID:{0}", item.GetDataKeyValue("CustomerID")));
Protected Overrides Sub RaisePostBackEvent(ByVal source As IPostBackEventHandler, ByVal eventArgument As String)
    MyBase.RaisePostBackEvent([source], eventArgument)
    If ([source] Is RadGrid1) And (eventArgument.IndexOf("RowClicked") <> -1) Then
        Dim item As GridDataItem = RadGrid1.Items(Integer.Parse(eventArgument.Split(":"c)(1)))
    End If
End Sub
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