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Getting Started with the Telerik WebForms RadGrid

In this article, you will find links that will help you get started to work with RadGrid.

Setting up the environment

If the Telerik Web UI for ASP.NET AJAX is not installed yet, you can start off by installing it following the First Steps article.

Creating a RadGrid

There are three ways to create a RadGrid:

In addition to creating the Grid, you can also:

Binding data

Binding data to RadGrid can also be done in multiple different ways listed in the Telerik RadGrid Data Binding Basics article.

Depending on the Business Requirements, you can bind data to it on:


RadGrid has many top-of-the line features/functionalities that you can benefit of. Check out the complete list of all Features

Commonly used Functionalities are:

Accessing Cells, Values, Controls and More

Accessing objects inside the Grid will require a specific approach for both Client and Server side. Instructions and examples can be found in the Accessing Values and Controls article.

Changing the appearance

Optimizing Performance


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