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Sort Expressions

The GridTableView.SortExpressions collection specifies the sorting criteria for the table view. When the user clicks on a column, RadGrid adds the GridColumn.SortExpression string to the corresponding GridTableView.SortExpressions collection. Removing the sorting removes an item from that collection.

You can set the SortExpression property of each column to specify the field the grid adds to the SortExpressions collection when the user clicks on the column header.

You can also specify the type of the button that appears in the column header by setting the HeaderButtonType property of the column object. The possible values for the HeaderButtonType property are the three GridHeaderButtonType values: "LinkButton", "PushButton", or "TextButton".

In addition to setting the SortExpression property of each column, you can manipulate the GridTableView.SortExpressions collection directly, to sort the grid items by one or more data-fields.

Declarative sort expressions

You can set default sort expression for the MasterTableView or a detail GridTableView directly in the ASPX declaration of the grid. Simply add GridSortExpression objects to the SortExpressions property collection of the table view. Each GridSortExpression object has two properties:

  • FieldName is the field to sort by. This should be the name of a single field from the data source. To sort by multiple fields, add additional GridSortExpression objects to the collection.

  • SortOrder is the direction of the sort. It can be "Ascending" or "Descending":

          <telerik:GridSortExpression FieldName="CompanyName" SortOrder="Ascending" />
                <telerik:GridSortExpression FieldName="OrderDate" SortOrder="Descending" />

When the grid is first loaded on the page, it is sorted based on the GridSortExpression objects in the SortExpressions collection. If the SortExpressions collection contains multiple GridSortExpression objects, the table view is sorted first by the first GridSortExpression in the collection, then by the second GridSortExpression in the collection, and so on.

Sorting Programmatically

You can manipulate the grid sort programmatically by creating instances of the GridSortExpression class and adding them to the SortExpressions collection:

GridSortExpression expression = new GridSortExpression();
expression.FieldName = "CompanyName";
expression.SortOrder = GridSortOrder.Descending;
Dim expression As GridSortExpression = New GridSortExpression()
expression.FieldName = "CompanyName"
expression.SortOrder = GridSortOrder.Descending

Sorting is handled internally by a DataView. Be sure that you specify the properties of the GridSortExpression class properly, or the grid will throw an exception when it is data bound.

Items in the SortExpressions collection are preserved in the view state for the GridTableView at each hierarchy level.

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