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Telerik RadGrid lifecycle


Phase What does Telerik RadGrid do
Initialize Telerik RadGrid initializes the settings needed during the lifetime of the incoming Web request. See Handling Inherited Events.
Loadview state At the end of this phase, the ViewState property of Telerik RadGrid is automatically populated as described in Maintaining State in a Control.
Process postbackdata Process incoming form data and update properties accordingly. See Processing Postback Data.
Load Perform actions common to all requests, such as setting up a database query if you are using simple databinding described in Simple Data-bindingtopic. At this point, server controls presented in the controls tree are created and initialized, the state is restored, and form controls reflect client-side data. See Handling Inherited Events.
Send postback changenotifications Telerik RadGrid raises change events in response to state changes between the current and previous postbacks. See Processing Postback Data.
Handle postbackevents Telerik RadGrid handles the client-side event that caused the postback and raise appropriate events on the server. See Capturing Postback Events.
Prerender Perform any updates before the output is rendered. Any changes made to the state of Telerik RadGrid in the prerender phase can be saved, while changes made in the rendering phase (two steps further) are lost. See Handling Inherited Events.
Save state The ViewState property of a control is automatically persisted to a string object after this stage. This string object is sent to the client and back as a hidden variable. For improving efficiency, a control can override the SaveViewState method to modify the ViewState property. See Maintaining State in a Control.
Render Telerik RadGrid generates output to be rendered to the client. See Rendering an ASP.NET Server Control.
Dispose Perform any final cleanup before Telerik RadGrid is torn down. References to expensive resources such as database connections must be released in this phase. See Methods in ASP.NET Server Controls.
Unload Perform any final cleanup before the control is torn down.
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