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The Telerik RadCircularGauge is a Control representing a value on a circular arc. It offers a customizable scale and appearance. RadCircularGauge extends the RadArcGauge Control by modifying its appearance to a complete circle.

The CircularGauge UI Control for ASP.NET AJAX is available as of R2 2023. The RadCircularGauge is a server-side WebForms wrapper over the Kendo UI CircularGauge for jQuery widget.


To get an idea which element corresponds to which tag check the RadGauge Structure article. The above gauge was created with the following simple markup:

<telerik:RadCircularGauge runat="server" ID="RadCircularGauge1" Height="300" Width="300" Value="51" Skin="Silk">
    <Scale Min="0" Max="140">
        <MajorTicks Visible="true" />
        <MinorTicks Visible="true" />
        <Labels Visible="true" />

The control offers more customization options than the ones shown above:

  • Center Template - You can customize the content inside the center of the CircularGauge by using the center template. RadCircularGauge uses Kendo UI Templates to provide full control over the rendering of center element. To evaluate the current value of the Gauge in its center element use #:value#.

  • Basic Scale configuration - the Scale is the main wrapper of the control and details are configurable through inner properties. The main Scale tag, however, offers the basic functionality - the Min and Max values of the gauge, the MajorUnit and MinorUnit properties that control the ticks and label distance,and the Reverse property which shows the higher values first when set to true. The specific properties here is StartAngle which controls the angle from which the gauge's dial starts.

  • Labels configuration - you can choose the BackgroundColor, Color and Font to customize their appearance. The Visible property controls if they are shown and the Format takes a format string that will be applied to the text according to the value. The format string uses the {0} placeholder to indicate the value. The Template property is a client template similar to the format - it takes a similar string to show in the labels, but the value placeholder is #=value#. The Position property controls whether the labels are inside or outside of the dial.

  • Ticks configuration - the MajorTicks and MinorTicks inner tags expose the small lines that protrude from the ranges to show the value. They offer various options for customization - Color, Size or Width (in pixels) and Visible (boolean).

  • Color Ranges configuration - the ColorsCollection tag can contain multiple CircularGaugeColor tags that represent the areas of the gauge that will show differently than the regular scale. Each color range has the From and To properties that control is positioning on the scale and also the Color property that can be used to specify their fill.

  • Main gauge configuration - the Appearance tag of the control allows for customizing its entire look. It offers the BackgroundColor property which sets the wrapper's background fill and also Height, Width, and Margin defining the size of the wrapper and the distance between the Gauge itself and the contour of its wrapper.

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