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Planned vs Actual

The Planned vs Actual functionality of the Gantt allows you to compare actual start and end dates to originaly planned dates or in other words, the Baseline dates. If the actual completion date of a task matches the planned end time date, the default task appearance is used. In the scenarios listed below, when there is a difference between an actual and a planned(baseline) date, the Gantt visualizes it by changing the appearance of the task:

  • The actual end date of the task is before the planned end date - the task is colored green.
  • The actual end date of the task is after the planned end date - a hatched bar that marks the delay is rendered in the task.
  • The actual start date of the task is after the planned end date - the task is colored red.

For a full example of the Planned vs Actual functionality, refer to the Planned vs Actual Demo.


The example below demonstrates how to configure the Gantt to display planned and actual dates.

The AllowPlannedTasks property enables a switch in the toolbar of the Gantt that allows toggling the Planned vs Actual functionality.

The ShowPlannedTasks property controls whether planned dates will be shown initially.


The PlannedStart and PlannedEnd properties are not required to populate the Gantt tasks and they allow null values. The type of the planned dates properties is a Nullable DateTime - DateTime?. The fields in an SQL database can be of type datetime, nullable.

For the proper work of the Planned vs Actual feature both the PlannedStart and PlannedEnd fields should be present and set to valid dates for all the Tasks rendered in the control.

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