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Getting Started with the Telerik FloatingActionButton

The following article demonstrates how you can add the RadFloatingActionButton control and customize it by setting some of its properties.

FloatingActionButton basic usage

Add a RadFloatingActionButton Control

To add a RadFloatingActionButton similar to the one shown in image above, follow the steps:

  • Add a ScriptManager control on a Web Form.

  • Use the <telerik:RadFloatingActionButton> tag to declare the FloatingActionButton.

  • Use the exposed control properties and the available inner tags to set the desired control structure fine-tune its appearance:

You can set the desired button text via the Text property and specify a built-in icon via the Icon property.

<telerik:RadFloatingActionButton runat="server" Icon="home" Align="BottomEnd" Text="My Profile" PositionMode="Absolute">
    <AlignOffsetSettings Y="55" />

As a next step, you can check out the Functionality of the FloatingActionButton.

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