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Insert Select Element

Insert Select dialog offers a way to easily create or edit <select> dropdowns in RadEditor. It consists of two panels - the first one is for adding and removing options elements while the second one is for setting up the properties of the drop-down list:


Add/Remove Options Panel:

  • Add Option - Adds an option element to the drop-down list

  • Remove Option - Removes an option element from the drop-down list

  • Options - Shows the list of the options elements

  • Text - Sets/Gets the text for selected option element from the Options field

  • Value - Sets/Gets the value for selected option element from the Options field.

Properties Panel:

  • Width/Height - Specifies the height and the width of the drop-down list (in pixels or percent)

  • Style builder - Opens another dialog that allows for fine tuning the appearance of the drop-down list (e.g. borders, alignment, spacing, etc.)

  • CSS Class - Specifies Select CSS class and style. This property should be used only by advanced users

  • Id - Defines the ID attribute for the drop-down list

  • Size - Specifies the number of visible options in the drop-down list

  • Name - Defines a name for the drop-down list

  • Multiple - Specifies that multiple options can be selected at once.

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