Returns the currently selected html in the Telerik RadEditor ContentArea.

function getHtml()      

The return value contains the HTML formatting in contrast to the getText method.

The example below populates a Label and a TextBox with the currently selected html:

<telerik:radeditor runat="server" ID="RadEditor1">
       Here is some <span style="color:white;background-color:red;">formatted</span> content.
<asp:label id="formattedSelectionContent" runat="server"/> <br/><br/>
The actual html will appear here:<br/>
<asp:textbox id="htmlSelectionContent" runat="server" TextMode="Multiline"  rows="5"  columns="40"/>
<script type="text/javascript">
    function showSelectedHtml()
        //Get a reference to the client-side RadEditor object:
        var editor = $find("<%=RadEditor1.ClientID%>"); //get a reference to RadEditor client object
        var theSelectionObject = editor.getSelection();
        //Get the selected html:
        var theSelectedText = theSelectionObject.getHtml();
        //Get a reference to the textbox:
        var myTextBox = $get("<%=htmlSelectionContent.ClientID%>");
        myTextBox.value = theSelectedText;
        //Get a reference to the Label:
        var myLabel = $get("<%=formattedSelectionContent.ClientID%>");
        myLabel.innerHTML = theSelectedText;
<input type="button" onclick="javascript:showSelectedHtml();" value="Show"/> 
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