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Returns the editor content as HTML.

function get_html(isFiltered) 

argument type description
isFiltered bool if set to true , the returned HTML content will be modified by the RadEditor client filters

The example below demonstrates how to limit the content length in the editor:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var limitNum = 10;
    var message = 'You are not able to type more than ' + limitNum + ' symbols!';
    function OnClientLoad(editor, args)
        var oFun = function ()
            var oValue = editor.get_html(true); //get the HTML content
            if (oValue.length > limitNum)
                editor.set_html(oValue.substring(0, limitNum));
        editor.attachEventHandler("onkeyup", oFun);
        editor.attachEventHandler("onkeydown", oFun);

<telerik:radeditor runat="server" OnClientLoad="OnClientLoad" ID="RadEditor1"></telerik:radeditor> 

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