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DialogsCssFile Property

In the Q2 2008 release we have introduced a new editor property named DialogCssProperty which is useful in scenarios when a custom skin is used. It allows you to include your custom skin CSS in the editor dialogs. Please, review bellow how to achieve the desired behavior:

  1. Set the EnableEmbeddedSkins property to false

  2. Place the editor's Skins folder within your web application - the Skins folder can be found in the controls' installation folder of the Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX suite.

  3. Choose the desired skin and set the editor's Skin property to point to it e.g. Skin = "Default"

  4. Add manually to the page's head the following CSS files:


    <link href="Skins/<CurrentSkin>/Window.<CurrentSkin>.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> 
    <link href="Skins/<CurrentSkin>/Editor.<CurrentSkin>.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> 
  5. Create new CSS file e.g. DialogCSS.css and put in it references to the following CSS files which will style the different Telerik controls in the editor dialogs:


    @import url("Ajax.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("ColorPicker.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("FormDecorator.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Grid.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Input.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("PanelBar.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Rotator.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Slider.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Splitter.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("TabStrip.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("ToolBar.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("TreeView.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Upload.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Widgets.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Window.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("ComboBox.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Button.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("Editor.<CurrentSkin>.css");
    @import url("ListBox.<CurrentSkin>.css");

    Since 2014 Q1 version the FormDecorator is set to LightWeight Render Mode. Due to that the @import url("FormDecorator.<CurrentSkin>.css"); line should be replaced with the one valid for the FormDecoratorLite - @import url('../<CurrentSkin>Lite/FormDecorator.<CurrentSkin>.css');.

  6. Set the editor's DialogsCssFileproperty to point to the DialogCSS.css e.g. DialogsCssFile="~/Skins/Default/DialogCSS.css"

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