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CSS Classes

Skin - Specific CSS

CSS Class Description
.SkinName.RadEditor Primary wrapping class of the RadEditor
.SkinName.reWrapper Wrapping class
.SkinName.RadEditor .reContentCell Content Cell of RadEditor
.SkinName.reColorPicker Color picker of RadEditor
.SkinName.reInsertTable Insert table dropdown
.SkinName.reDropDownBody Dropdown RadEditor
.SkinName.reDropDownBody table Styles all tables nested .reDropDownBody
.SkinName.RadEditor .reModule Module of RadEdtior
.SkinName.RadEditor .reEditorModes Editor modes switcher
.SkinName.RadEditor .reBottomZone .reModule RadEditor modules in the bottom zone
.SkinName.reCustomLinks a,.SkinName.reCustomLinks a:link, Defines style for normal unvisted link
.SkinName.reCustomLinks a:visited Defines tyle for visited link
.SkinName.reCustomLinks a:hover Defines style for link on hover state
.reToolbar li Editor tool
.SkinName .reSpinBox a RadEditor SpinBox link
.reToolbar.SkinName .reSeparator Horizontal toolbar separator
.reToolbar.SkinName .reGrip Horizontal toolbar toolbar grip – left and right
.reTool span This is where the icon of the respective command is loaded from “Common/CommandSpritesLight|IE6.png|gif file.
.reDialog .reTool Tool in a Dialog
.reModule .reTool Tool in a Module
.reDialog .reTool:hover Dialog hover state
.reToolbar .reTool:hover Toolbar hover state
.reModule .reTool:hover Module hover state
.reToolbar .reTool.reTool_selected Toggled tool
.reToolbar .reTool.reTool_selected:hover Toggled tool hover state
.reToolbar .reTool_text span Tool text
.reToolbar .reTool_text:hover Tool text hover state
.reToolbar .reTool_text.reTool_selected Toggled button
.reToolbar .reTool_text.reTool_selected:hover Toggled button hover state
.reToolbar .reTool_text.reTool_disabled Toggled button disabled
.reToolbar .reTool_text.reTool_disabled:hover Toggled button disabled hover state
.reTool.reSplitButton Split button
.reTool.reSplitButton:hover Split button hover state
.SkinName .reTool .split_arrow The arrow in a Split button
.SkinName .reSplitButton.reTool_text .split_arrow The arrow in a Split button in tool text
.reDialog .reTool.reSplitButton Dialog Split button
.reDialog .reTool.reSplitButton:hover Dialog Split button hover state
.reModule .reTool.reSplitButton Module Split button
.reModule .reTool.reSplitButton:hover Module Split button hover state
.reDropdown:link Dropdown link normal state
.reDropdown:visited Dropdown link normal visited state
.reTool_disabled.reDropdown:hover Dropdown disabled hover state
.reDropdown:hover Dropdown hover state
.RadEditor.SkinName .reTlbVertical li Item in a vertical toolbar
.RadEditor.SkinName .reTlbVertical .reToolbar.SkinName .reGrip Grip of a vertical toolbar
.RadEditor.SkinName .reTlbVertical .reToolbar.SkinName .grip_first Top grip of a vertical toolbar
.RadEditor.SkinName .reTlbVertical .reToolbar.SkinName .grip_first Bottom grip of a vertical toolbar
.RadEditor.SkinName .reTlbVertical .reToolbar.SkinName .reSeparator Separator of a vertical toolbar
.reTlbVertical .reTool:hover Vertical toolbar Tool hover state
.reTlbVertical .reTool_text.reSplitButton:hover Vertical toolbar SplitButton hover state
.reTlbVertical .reTool_text:hover Vertical toolbar Tool text hover state
.reTlbVertical .reTool:hover Vertical toolbar button hover state
.reTlbVertical .reTool_text.reSplitButton:hover Vertical toolbar SplitButton hover state
.reTlbVertical .reTool_text:hover Vertical toolbar button tool text hover state
.reTlbVertical .reTool.reTool_selected Vertical toolbar toggled button
.reTlbVertical .reTool_text.reTool_selected Vertical toolbar toggled button tool text
.reTlbVertical .reTool_text.reTool_selected:hover Vertical toolbar toggled button tool text hover state
.reDropDownBody .reTlbVertical ul li a:hover DropDown body vertical toolbar unordered list link hover state
.SkinName.reInsertTable Insertetd Table
.reDropDownBody .reTlbVertical .reToolbar Dropdown body vertical toolbar
.SkinName table.reSpinBox Spinbox table
.SkinName table.reSpinBox:hover Spinbox table hover state
.SkinName .reSpinBoxIncrease Spinbox increase
.SkinName .reSpinBoxIncrease:hover Spinbox increase hover state
.SkinName .reSpinBoxDecrease Spinbox decrease
.SkinName .reSpinBoxDecrease:hover Spinbox decrease hover state
.SkinName.RadEditor input RadEditor input
.SkinName.RadEditor input:hover RadEditor input hover state
.SkinName .reMode_selected Selected mode in editor mode switcher
.SkinName .reModule_domlink_selected Selected element in DOM selector
.SkinName .reModule_domlink Link in the DOM inspector
.SkinName.reDropDownBody .reItemOver Hover element in a dropdown of RadEditor
.SkinName.reColorPicker table div RadEditor Color picker
.SkinName.reColorPicker table td.reItemOver div RadEditor Color picker hover state
.SkinName.reColorPicker span RadEditor Color picker span
.reAjaxspell_button Ajax spellcheck button
.SkinName .reAjaxSpellCheckSuggestions table Ajax spellcheck suggestion table
.SkinName .reAjaxSpellCheckSeparator Ajax spellcheck separator
.SkinName.reCustomLinks Custom links
.SkinName.reCustomLinks ul Custom links unoredred list
.SkinName.reCustomLinks a Custom links normal state
.SkinName.reCustomLinks a:hover Custom links hover state
.reInsertTable table Inserted table
.reInsertTable table td Inserted table TD
.reInsertTable .reTlbVertical ul Inserted table vertical toolbar unordered list
.SkinName.reDropDownBody.reInsertTable div.reTlbVertical a.reTool_text Inserted table vertical toolbar tool text link normal state
.SkinName.reDropDownBody.reInsertTable div.reTlbVertical a.reTool_text:link Inserted table vertical toolbar tool text link normal state
.SkinName.reDropDownBody.reInsertTable div.reTlbVertical a.reTool_text:visited Inserted table vertical toolbar tool text link visited state
.SkinName.reDropDownBody.reInsertTable div.reTlbVertical a.reTool_text:hover Inserted table vertical toolbar tool text link hover state
.reInsertTable .reTlbVertical ul .reTool_text span Inserted table vertical toolbar unordered list span
.reInsertTable .reToolbar li .reTool:hover Inserted table vertical toolbar unordered list link hovered
.reModule_visible_icon RadEditor Module vissible icon
.reModule_hidden_icon RadEditor Module hidden icon
.reResizeCell div Resize cell DIV
.reDialog .reTool_disabled Dialog disabled state
.reDialog .reTool_disabled:hover Dialog disabled hover state
.reToolbar .reTool_disabled Toolbar disabled state
.reToolbar .reTool_disabled:hover Toolbar disabled hover state
.reModule .reTool_disabled Module disabled state
.reModule .reTool_disabled:hover Module disabled hover state
.RadWindow.RadWindow_Default.reToolbarWindow td.rwWindowContent This rule styles RadWindow's content cell, which is used in the floating and show on focus toolbar modes

Editor Commands

CSS Class Description
.CustomDialog Custom dialog
.FormatCodeBlock Format code block area
.PageProperties Page properties
.SetImageProperties Image properties
.BringToFront Bring to front property
.AlignmentSelector Align property
.Cancel Cancel property
.Custom Custom property
.ViewHtml View HTML property
.DecreaseSize Decrease size property
.DeleteTable Delete table property
.FileOpen File open property
.IncreaseSize Increase size property
.InsertAnchor Insert Anchor (hyperlink) property
.InsertEmailLink Insert Email link property
.InsertFormImageButton Insert Form Button - image
.ModuleManager Module manager property
.RepeatLastCommand Repeat last command property
.SendToBack Send to back property
.FormatStripper Format Stripper property
.StyleBuilder Style builder
.ToggleFloatingToolbar Toogle toolbar
.XhtmlValidator xHTML validator
.InsertSymbol Insert Symbol property
.InsertFormHidden Insert hidden form
.InsertFormButton Insert form button
.InsertFormReset Insert form reset
.InsertFormSubmit Insert form reset
.InsertFormCheckbox Insert checkbox
.InsertFormPassword Inser password field
.InsertFormRadio Insert radio button
.InsertFormSelect Insert select
.InsertFormTextarea Insert textarea
.InsertFormText Insert input text
.StripAll Strip all property
.StripCss Strip CSS property
.StripFont Strip font property
.StripSpan Strip span property
.StripWord Strip word property
.AjaxSpellCheck Ajax Spell check
.Italic Italic property
.ImageManager Image manager
.ImageMapDialog Image map dialog
.FlashManager Flash manager
.InsertFlash Insert flash
.MediaManager Media manager
.InsertMedia Insert media
.DocumentManager Document manager
.InsertDocument Insert document
.TemplateManager Template manager
.InsertTable Insert table
.TableWizard Table wizard
.InsertRowAbove Insert row above
.InsertRowBelow Insert row bellow
.DeleteRow Delete row
.InsertColumnLeft Insert column left
.InsertColumnRight Insert column right
.DeleteColumn Delete column
.MergeColumns Merge columns
.MergeRows Merge rows
.SplitCell Split cell
.SplitCellHorizontal Split cell horizontal
.DeleteCell Delete cell
.SetCellProperties Set cell properties
.SetTableProperties Set table properties
.Help Help
.Undo Undo
.Redo Redo
.Cut Cut
.Copy Copy
.Paste Paste
.PasteStrip Paste strip
.PasteAsHtml Paste as HTML
.PasteHtml Paste HTML
.PasteFromWord Paste from MS Word
.PasteFromWordNoFontsNoSizes Paste from MS word witout using set fonts and sizes
.PastePlainText Paste plain text
.Print Print
.FindAndReplace Find and replace
.SelectAll Select all
.InsertGroupbox Insert group box
.InsertCodeSnippet Insert code snippet
.InsertSnippet Insert snippet
.InsertDate Insert date
.InsertTime Insert time
.AboutDialog About dialog
.Bold Bold
.Underline Underline
.StrikeThrough Strike Through
.JustifyLeft Align left
.JustifyCenter Align center
.JustifyFull Align justify
.JustifyNone No alignmnet
.JustifyRight Align right
.InsertParagraph Insert paragraph
.InsertHorizontalRule Insert horizontal rule
.Superscript Super script
.Subscript Sub script
.ConvertToLower Convert to lower case
.ConvertToUpper Convert to upper case
.Indent Text indent
.Outdent Text outdent
.InsertOrderedList Insert ordered list
.InsertUnorderedList Insert unordered list
.AbsolutePosition Absolute position
.Save Save
.SaveAndClose Save and close
.FileSave File save
.FileSaveAs File save as
.SaveLocal Save local
.LinkManager Link manager
.CreateLink Create link
.CustomLinkTool Custom link tool
.SetLinkProperties Set link properties
.Unlink Unlink
.ToggleTableBorder Toggled table border
.ToggleScreenMode Toggled screen mode
.ForeColor Front color
.BackColor Back color
.borderColor Border color
.bgColor Background color
.InsertFormElement Insert from element
.InsertFormForm Insert form
.reTopCenter Rad Editor top center
.reMiddleLeft Rad Editor middle left
.reMiddleCenter Rad Editor Middle center
.reMiddleRight Rad editor middle right
.reBottomCenter Rad Editor bottom center
.reNoAlignment Rad Editor no alignmnet
.reTopLeft Rad Editor top left
.reTopRight Rad Editor top right
.reBottomLeft Rad Editor bottom left
.reBottomRight Rad Editor bottom right
.SilverlightManager Silverlight manager
.ExportToPdf Export to PDF
.InsertLink Insert link
.InsertImage Insert image
.reAlignmentSelector .reTopRight,.reAlignmentSelector .reTopLeft,.reAlignmentSelector .reTopCenter,.reAlignmentSelector .reNoAlignment,.reAlignmentSelector .reMiddleLeft,.reAlignmentSelector .reMiddleCenter,.reAlignmentSelector .reMiddleRight,.reAlignmentSelector .reBottomCenter,.reAlignmentSelector .reBottomRight,.reAlignmentSelector .reBottomLeft Alignment settings within the alignment dropdown

Apply CSS Class Dropdown

CSS Class Description
.reApplyClass td Apply class to TD
.reApplyClass span Apply class to span
.reApplyClass .reClass_all Apply class to all elements
.reApplyClass .reClass_img Apply class to images
.reApplyClass .reClass_table Apply class to table
.reApplyClass .reClass_ul Apply class to unordered list
.reApplyClass .reClass_ol Apply class to ordered list
.reApplyClass .reClass_p Apply class to paragraph
.reApplyClass .reClass_span Apply class to span
.reApplyClass .reClass_a Apply class to link
.reApplyClass .reClass_div Apply class to div
.reApplyClass .reClass_h1 Apply class to H1
.reApplyClass .reClass_h2 Apply class to H2
.reApplyClass .reClass_h3 Apply class to H3
.reApplyClass .reClass_h4 Apply class to H4
.reApplyClass .reClass_h5 Apply class to H5
.reApplyClass .reClass_h6 Apply class to H6
.reApplyClass .reClass_td Apply class to td

Light Dialogs

CSS Class Description
.reInsertLinkWrapper Link wrapper
.reInsertImageWrapper Image Wrapper
.reInsertLinkWrapper .reControlsLayout TD Link wrapper TD
.reInsertImageWrapper .reControlsLayout TD Image wrapper TD
.reDialogLabelLight span Label light span
.reConfirmCancelButtonsTblLight Confrim/Cancel buttons
.reConfirmCancelButtonsTblLight button Confrim/Cancel buttons
.reConfirmCancelButtonsTblLight .reAllPropertiesLight button Confrim/Cancel buttons all properties
.reControlsLayout .reControlCellLight Control cell
.reControlsLayout .reControlCellLight input Controll cell input
.reControlsLayout .reControlCellLight select Controll cell select
.reControlsLayout .reImgPropertyControlCell TD Property controll cell
.reImgPropertyControlCell input Image property control input
.reImgPropertyControlCell span Image property control span
.reControlsLayout TD.reImgPropertyControlCell reImage property control cell
.reInsertImageWrapper .reControlsLayout .reControlCellLight input reImage property control input
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