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RadDropDownListItemCollection Object

The RadDropDownListItemCollection object is returned by the get_items method of the RadDropDownList client object. The following table lists the most important methods:

Name Parameters Return Type Description
add DropDownListItem none Adds an item at the end of the Items' collection
insert Number none Inserts an item into the Items' collection at the position, specified by the first (index) parameter
remove none none Removes an item from the Items collection
removeAt Number none Removes the item at the specified index.
clear none none Clears the Items collection of RadDropDownList
getItem index DropDownListItem Gets the item from the Items collection residing at the index specified by the parameter.
indexOf none Number Gets the index of an item.
forEach Function none Iterates through the Items collection
toArray none none Returns the collection represented as array
get_count none Number Returns the number of items in the Items collection.
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