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RadDockZone Object

The following table lists the most important methods of the client-side RadDockZone object:

Name Parameters Return Type Description
clone string Telerik.Web.UI.RadDockZone Clones the current Telerik.Web.UI.RadDockZone object. Accepts as parameter the string that will be set to the UniqueId of the cloned object. Returns the cloned Telerik.Web.UI.RadDockZone object.
dock (RadDock) or (RadDock, integer) none Docks the specified RadDock control in this docking zone.If called with one parameter, the RadDock control is docked in the last position. If called with a second (index) parameter, the RadDock control is docked in the specified (0-offset) position. Keep in mind that the behavior of RadDock, docked via this method, will be slightly different if it is already placed inside the RadDockZone control. For example, if a RadDock is positioned with index 0, its location will not change if the index, specified in the dock method, is 0 or 1. This occurs, because the dock control is inserted before the RadDock with the specified index. In order to ensure that the behavior will be the same, when a RadDock control is already docked inside a RadDockZone, please call the RadDock client-side method undock before dock .
get_allowedDocks none Array Returns an array of the UniqueNames of all the RadDock controls that are allowed for docking in the property AllowedDocks of RadDockZone.
get_docks none Array Returns an array of all the RadDock controls currently docked in the docking zone.
get_fitDocks none boolean Gets the bool value indicating whether the docks are resized to fit within the zone.
get_highlightedCssClass none string Gets the CSS class that is applied when a dock is over the zone and is about to be docked.
get_isHorizontal none boolean Gets the value indicating whether the zone has Horizontal orientaion (Orientation can be Horizontal and Vertical).
get_layoutID none string Gets the ID of the Telerik.Web.UI.RadDockLayout that manages the state of the RadDockZone control.
get_uniqueName none string Gets the UniqueName of the control.
set_highlightedCssClass string none Sets a CSS class that is applied when a dock is over the zone and is about to be docked (Use the HighlightedCssClass property in order for the changes to take effect on the server-side and not on the client-side only). Accepts as a parameter the CSS class to be applied.

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