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CSS Classes

The following table lists significant CSS selectors and descriptions for RadDock style sheets.

Common CSS

Class Name Description
.RadDock Primary wrapping class of the RadDoc
.RadDock .rdTable RadDoc wrapping table
.RadDock .rdTable .rdTop .rdLeft, .RadDock .rdTable .rdTop .rdRight, .RadDock .rdTable .rdMiddle .rdLeft, .RadDock .rdTable .rdMiddle .rdRight, .RadDock .rdTable .rdBottom .rdLeft, .RadDock .rdTable .rdBottom .rdCenter, .RadDock .rdTable .rdBottom .rdRight Specifies Rad Doc table layout
.RadDock .rdContent Specifies Rad Doc Content
.RadDock.rdCollapsed Specifies Rad Doc Collapsed state
.RadDock.rdCollapsed .rdMiddle,.RadDock.rdCollapsed .rdBottom Specifies Rad Doc Collapsed state middle and bottm zones
.RadDock .rdTable, .RadDock .rdTable .rdLeft, .RadDock .rdTable .rdCenter, .RadDock .rdTable .rdRight Specifies table left, center and right zones
.RadDock .rdTop .rdLeft, .RadDock .rdTop .rdRight, .RadDock .rdTop .rdCenter, .RadDock .rdBottom .rdLeft, .RadDock .rdBottom .rdRight, .RadDock .rdBottom .rdCenter Specifies table left, center and right top zones
div.RadDock .rdTop .rdRoundedCorner.rdLeft, div.RadDock .rdTop .rdRoundedCorner.rdRight, .RadDock .rdBottom .rdLeft.rdRoundedCorner, .RadDock .rdBottom .rdRight.rdRoundedCorner Specifies top rounded corners
.RadDock .rdTitleBar em Specifies RadDoc title bar
.RadDock .rdCenter .rdCommands Primary wrapping commands class of the RadDoc
.RadDock .rdCenter .rdCommands li Specifies RadDoc commands list element
.RadDock .rdCenter .rdCommands a, .RadDock .rdCenter .rdCommands a span Specifies RadDoc commands anchor and span inserted
.rdCollapse Specifies collapse button
.rdCollapse:hover Specifies collapse button hover state
.rdExpand Specifies expand button
.rdExpand:hover Specifies expand button hover state
.rdClose Specifies close button
.rdClose:hover Specifies close button hover state
.rdPin Specifies pin button
.rdPin:hover Specifies pin button hover state
.rdUnpin Specifies unpin button
.rdUnpin:hover Specifies unpin button hover state
.rdCustom Specifies custom button
.rdCustom:hover Specifies custom button hover state
.rdRtl,.rdRtl .rdContent, .rdRtl .rdTop .rdCenter, .rdRtl .rdTop .rdCenter ul.rdCommands, .rdRtl .rdTitleBar em Right to left support
.rdTitleBar Specifies title bar
.rdDragHelper RadDoc helper when dock is dragged
.rdHorizontal .RadDock Specifies horizontal RadDoc
.RadDockZone Specifies RadDoc zone
.rdRtl Needed this in case the BODY has text-aligh:center applied
.rdPlaceHolder Specifies Place Holder

Skin-Specific CSS


Class Name Description
.RadDock_SkinName .rdMiddle .rdLeft,.RadDock_SkinName .rdMiddle .rdRight Middle part left and right background
.RadDock_SkinName .rdTop .rdLeft, .RadDock_SkinName .rdTop .rdRight, .RadDock_SkinName .rdTop .rdCenter, .RadDock_SkinName .rdBottom .rdLeft, .RadDock_SkinName .rdBottom .rdRight, .RadDock_SkinName .rdBottom .rdCenter Top and bottom background
.RadDock_SkinName .rdCenter .rdCommands a span Commands anchor span background
.RadDock_SkinName .rdMiddle .rdCenter, .RadDock_SkinName .rdBottom .rdCenter Middle and bottom center background
.RadDock_SkinName .rdContent RadDock content color
.RadDock_SkinName em RadDock TitleBar em color

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