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RadTimeView object

The RadTimeView client object represents the popup time view onRadDateTimePicker. To obtain a reference to this object, use the get_timeView method of the control to which it belongs.

The following tables lists the most important properties methods of the RadTimeView client-side object:


Name Parameters Return Type Description
getTime none Date Returns the selected date and time, or null if no value is selected.
setTime hours, minutes, seconds, Date object none Assigns the value of the time view.
get_interval none Date Returns the time interval between successive values in the time view.
get_endTime none Date Returns the last time that can appear in the time view. The last time that actually appears is the latest time that is a whole number of intervals after the start time which is less than this time.
get_startTime none Date Returns the earliest time that is displayed by the time view.
get_showHeader none boolean Returns whether the time view displays its header.
get_showFooter none boolean Returns whether the time view displays its footer.
get_columns none integer Returns the number of columns used to lay out values in the time view.
get_element none HTML element Returns the DOM element for the entire RadTimeView control.
get_timeFormat none string Returns the time format of the RadTimeView control.


Name Parameters Return Type Description
clear none none Clears the selection, leaving the value as unassigned.

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