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WAI-ARIA Support

The RadDataPager control offers WAI-ARIA support which can be easily enabled by setting the EnableAriaSupport server property to true.

RadDataPager ARIA attributes are lower case. They are shown in the table below.


Control Attributes
RadDataPager Role: presentationAria-atomic:trueAria-label – control client-side idRole:button for the following buttons (when present):PrevButton, NextButton, FirstButton, LastButton, PageSizeButton, GoToPageButton

When aria support is enabled also turns on the aria support for any related RadInput and RadComboBox controlsin the pager.

An issue with the use of WAI-ARIA in HTML documents is that they don’t validate. When you run a HTML document containing ARIA attributes through the W3C Validator it shows errors in the results for any ARIA attributes. The DOCTYPE declarations do not include any information about the WAI ARIA attributes and you cannot have a valid document which includes elements, attributes, and attribute values, not detailed in its DTD’s.

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