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RadComboBox Items Overview

Properties of RadComboBox Items

The items of RadComboBox have a few important properties, which are listed below:

  • Text - string that the user sees for the item in the drop-down list.

  • ToolTip - text that appears when the user hovers the mouse over an item in the drop-down list.

Setting the tooltip can enable an accessibility feature. Special accessibility readers like JAWS, can pronounce the tooltip of the highlighted item.

  • Value - unique identifier for the item. It determines the value of RadComboBox' SelectedValue property when an item is selected.

  • Selected - indicates whether the item is selected. Only one item can be selected at a time. If no item is currently selected, then the Selected property of all items will be False. Setting the Selected property of one item to True automatically sets the Selected property of all other items in RadComboBox to False.

  • Enabled determines whether the user can select the item from the drop-down list.

  • CssClass - name of a CSS style to be applied to RadComboBox item. The style can be declared in the CSS file of the applied skin.

  • ImageUrl - image that will be displayed on the left of the item's Text.

  • DisabledImageUrl - image that will be displayed on the left of the item's Text when the item is disabled.

In addition to the built-in properties, you can add your own custom attributes to RadComboBox items to expand their functionality.

Items Definition

There are a number of ways you can control the items that RadComboBox holds. You can:

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