Migrating to RadColorPicker for ASP.NET AJAX

Migrating an Existing Standard ASP.NET Application

To add RadColorPicker to an existing ASP.NET web application, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have installed ASP.NET AJAX. Info can be found at http://ajax.asp.net/docs/InstallingASPNETAJAX.aspx

  2. If your web application is not using ASP.NET AJAX you need to configure it to do so. Detailed instructions can be found at http://ajax.asp.net/docs/ConfiguringASPNETAJAX.aspx (Look for the topic called "Adding ASP.NET AJAX Configuration Elements to an Existing Web Site".)

  3. Add a ScriptManager control to the page (or user control) in which you want to add any Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX.If your page is a content page you can add the ScriptManager control in your master page. For further details about the ScriptManager control, see http://ajax.asp.net/docs/overview/ScriptManagerOverview.aspx.

  4. Drag and drop RadColorPicker controls to your web page.

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