RadColorPicker provides a mechanism for quick and easy localization based on the native ASP.NET localization. All tab and button labels are obtained from the resource files located in the WebSite's App_GlobalResources directory, so that the language of the RadColorPicker is automatically switched to the culture and UI culture of the Web page.

Each of the localization strings can be modified at runtime using the Localization server property. This saves the need to create a new localization file to change a single string.

<telerik:RadColorPicker RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadColorPicker1" PaletteModes="All">
    <Localization ApplyButtonText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, ApplyButtonText %>"
                  CurrentColorText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, CurrentColorText %>"
                  HSBTabText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, HSBTabText %>"
                  HSVTabText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, HSVTabText %>"
                  NoColorText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, NoColorText %>"
                  PickColorText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, PickColorText %>"
                  RGBSlidersTabText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, RGBSlidersTabText %>"
                  WebPaletteTabText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, WebPaletteTabText %>"
                  BlankColorText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, BlankColorText %>"
                  HSBSliderDragText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, HSBSliderDragText %>"
                  HSVSliderDragText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, HSVSliderDragText %>"
                  RGBSlidersDecreaseText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, RGBSlidersDecreaseText %>"
                  RGBSlidersDragText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, RGBSlidersDragText %>"
                  RGBSlidersIncreaseText="<%$ Resources:RadColorPicker, RGBSlidersIncreaseText %>" />

Or via the code-behind:

RadColorPicker1.Localization.WebPaletteTabText = "Palette";
RadColorPicker1.Localization.WebPaletteTabText = "Palette"
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