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Known Limitations

The RadClientExportManager control's known limitations are listed below:

  • no support for RTL text

  • no support for vertical text (e.g., writing-mode: vertical-lr). You can read more Add support for vertically aligned text in PDF export GitHub issue for the underlying Kendo Drawing API

  • no rendering of shadow DOM

  • no CSS box-shadow, text-shadow, radial gradients (linear gradients are supported).

  • only solid border-style

  • the 'object-fit' and 'object-position' CSS settings are not supported

  • using browser zoom other than 100% is not supported.

  • the content of the following elements is not rendered: <iframe>, <svg>. A <canvas> will be rendered as an image, but only if it's "non-tainted" (does not display images from another domain).

  • SVG referenced with the <img> tag will not render in Internet Explorer, because IE taints the canvas.

  • rendering of <select> elements is imperfect (some minor issues can be noticed, like wrong padding or missing the dropdown arrow).

  • rendering of expanded with size attribute <select> elements (including asp:ListBox components) will not render the items. Replace the asp:ListBox with telerik:RadListBox instead.

  • images hosted on different domains might not be rendered, unless permissive Cross-Origin HTTP headers are provided by the server. Similarly, fonts might not be possible to load cross-domain. Even with the proper CORS headers, IE9 will not be able to load images or fonts from another domain, and could raise a uncatcheable security exception. If you need to support IE9, make sure to host images and fonts on the same domain as the application.

  • images will not be exported in IE if their source is an SVG document. These are considered to be tainted.

  • the border-collapse:collapse style of tables is not supported. Avoid using adjacent borders for separate table cells to prevent double borders in the PDF output.

  • maximum document size is limited to 5080x5080mm (200x200 inches) by the PDF 1.5 specification. Larger files might not open in some viewers.

  • when the generated document is opened with Acrobat Reader and you try to use the Save As option from the file menu an error is thrown. "The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading(23)". The solution is to open Acrobat Reader options (Edit → Preferences) and in the "Documents" section uncheck “Save As optimizes for Fast Web View”, which is enabled by default. After this, Save As will work without errors.

  • exporting images from another domain requires the server to have the following header in its response: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *, which will enable cross-origin requests. If the server does not have this header set access to the image will be denied and it will not be exported.

  • exporting font icons

  • The input element content is not exported. If you have asp:ImageButtons on the page, replace them with RadButton which is rendered as a span element.

  • exporting pseudo:elements borders (for example RadOrgChart connection lines)

  • for versions prior to R3 2018, exporting RadHtmlChart controls with page breaks

  • exporting with page breaks cannot work with all elements and scenarios. For more details see the Page Break Limitations section of the underying Kendo Drawing API documentation. The gist is that the following cannot be split into pages:

    • elements without text content
    • elements with position: absolute or position: fixed
    • content of the following nodes:
      • <img>
      • <tr>
      • <iframe>
      • <svg>
      • <object>
      • <canvas>
      • <input>
      • <textarea>
      • <select>
      • <video>
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