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The Chip provides predefined appearance options such as different sizes, border radiuses, fill modes and theme colors.

"Chips with different appearance"

For a live example, visit the Appearance Demo of the Chip.


The Telerik WebForms Chip supports the following styling options:

  • Size—Configures the overall size of the component.
  • ThemeColor—Configures what color will be applied to the component.
  • FillMode—Configures how the color is applied to the component.
  • Rounded—Configures the border radius of the component.
  • Icon—Displays an icon.


The size option controls how big or small the rendered chip looks.

"Chip Size"

The following values are available for the size option:

  • Small
  • Medium (default)
  • Large
  • None - The chip will naturally resize based on the content


<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Size="Small" Label="Small"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Size="Medium" Label="Medium"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Size="Large" Label="Large"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Size="None" Label="None"></telerik:RadChip>


The FillMode option controls the way the color is applied to the rendered div.

"Chip FillMode"

The following values are available for the FillMode option:

  • Solid (default)
  • Outline


<telerik:RadChip runat="server" FillMode="Solid" Label="Solid"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" FillMode="Outline" Label="Outline"></telerik:RadChip>


The ThemeColor option controls the color that will be applied to the rendered Chip.

"Chip ThemeColor"

The following values are available for the ThemeColor option:

  • Base (default)
  • Info
  • Success
  • Warning
  • Error


<telerik:RadChip runat="server" ThemeColor="Base" Label="Base"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" ThemeColor="Info" Label="Info"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" ThemeColor="Success" Label="Success"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" ThemeColor="Warning" Label="Warning"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" ThemeColor="Error" Label="Error"></telerik:RadChip>


The Rounded option controls how much border radius is applied to the rendered Chip.

"Chip Rounded"

The following values are available for the Rounded option:

  • Small
  • Medium (default)
  • Large
  • Full
  • None


<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Rounded="Small" Label="Small"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Rounded="Medium" Label="Medium"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Rounded="Large" Label="Large"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Rounded="Full" Label="Full"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Rounded="None" Label="None"></telerik:RadChip>


To enable icons for the chip, set the Icon property to the name of the embedded icon.

Visit the Web Font Icons - List of Font Icons page and find the icon of your choice then copy its name without the .k-i- prefix.

For example, if the icon is called .k-i-plus-outline the name would be plus-outline.

"Icon name"


"Chip with Icon"


<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="plus-outline" Label="plus-outline"></telerik:RadChip>

More examples

"More Chips with Icons"


<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="plus-outline" Label="plus-outline"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="bell" Label="bell"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="youtube" Label="youtube"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="shapes" Label="shapes"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="file-wrench" Label="file-wrench"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="heart-outline" Label="heart-outline"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="clipboard" Label="clipboard"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="anchor" Label="anchor"></telerik:RadChip>
<telerik:RadChip runat="server" Icon="user" Label="user"></telerik:RadChip>

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