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Date Range Selection

The ASP NET AJAX Calendar control provides an option to select a range of dates in addition to selecting one or multiple different dates. To enable the date range selection feature you need to set the RangeSelectionMode property to one of the following values:

  • OnKeyHold - Allow range selection by pressing [Shift] key and clicking on the date.

  • ConsecutiveClicks- Allow range selection by clicking consecutively two dates.

By default the RangeSelectionMode property is set to None which does not allow range selection.

On the client you could get the Start/End range dates by using the radCalendar.get_rangeSelectionStartDate() and radCalendar.get_rangeSelectionEndDate() methods. You can set them programmatically by using radCalendar.set_datesInRange(startDate, endDate) client-side method.

The below sample demonstrates the client-side methods usage:

<telerik:RadCalendar RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadCalendar1" RangeSelectionMode="OnKeyHold" EnableViewSelector="true">
    <ClientEvents OnDateClick="onDateClick" />

<asp:Button runat="server" CssClass="qsfButtonBig" ID="Button2" Text="Set range"
    OnClientClick="setRanage(); return false;" />
<telerik:RadCodeBlock runat="server">
   <script type="text/javascript">
       function onDateClick(sender, eventArgs) {
           var radCalendar1 = $find("<%=RadCalendar1.ClientID %>");
           var startDate = radCalendar1.get_rangeSelectionStartDate();
           var endDate = radCalendar1.get_rangeSelectionEndDate()

       function setRanage() {
           var startDate = new Date(2010, 9, 22);
           var endDate = new Date(2010, 9, 29);
           var radCalendar1 = $find("<%=RadCalendar1.ClientID %>");
           radCalendar1.set_datesInRange(startDate, endDate);

On the server Start/End dates are available through RadCalendar.RangeSelectionStartDate and RadCalendar.RangeSelectionEndDate properties.

Note that when range selection is done any other date selection will unselect all dates from the range selection

To see a live example of the above refer to Calendar / Range Selection.

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