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By setting the Navigational property of RadBreadcrumb you can determine whether automatic navigation will be enabled or not. When the property is set to 'true', the URL(path) set to each BreadcrumbItem via its Href property will be added to the 'href' attribute of the rendered links. In this state, the click event will trigger navigation. By default this functionality is disabled.

The below example demonstrates enabled navigation:

<telerik:RadBreadcrumb runat="server" ID="RadBreadcrumb1" Navigational="true">
        <telerik:BreadcrumbItem Type="RootItem" ToolTip="Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX" Href="" />
        <telerik:BreadcrumbItem Text="Controls" Href="" />
        <telerik:BreadcrumbItem Text="RadBreadcrumb" Href="" />
        <telerik:BreadcrumbItem Text="Navigation" Href="" />

The BindToLocation property allows binding to the location object of the browser on initialization. If enabled, the value of the control will be set to the current URL. In addition, that url will be added to the href attribute of the Breadcrumb items through the If Navigational is also set to 'true'.

<telerik:RadBreadcrumb runat="server" ID="RadBreadcrumb1" BindToLocation="true" Navigational="true"></telerik:RadBreadcrumb>

You can check out the RadBreadrumb Navigation demo to test this functionality.

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