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Keyboard Support

The keyboard navigation of the RadBreadcrumb is always available.

Keyboard legend


  • When the Control is focused and its Editable property is set to true, triggers edit mode.
  • When an item is focused and the Navigational property is set to true, navigates to the URL set to the respective BreadcrumbItem.
  • When the Breadcrumb is in edit mode, exits edit mode, and initiates a postback.


  • When the Control is focused, navigates through the items.
  • When RadBreadcrumb is in edit mode, saves the changes on the client-side, and exits edit mode.

Esc - Exits edit mode without saving the changes.


When the Editable property of the breadcrumb is set to 'true', in the AccessKey property of the Control you can set the desired key for quick navigation to the Breadcrumb.

<telerik:RadBreadcrumb runat="server" ID="RadBreadcrumb1" Editable="true" AccessKey="W">

As result Alt + W focuses the breadcrumb and turns it into edit mode.

Test the keyboard support of RadBreadcrumb in the live demo

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