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Token Editing


RadAutoCompleteBox allows user to edit a single token by double-clicking it when the AllowTokenEditing property is set to "true":

<telerik:RadAutoCompleteBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadAutoCompleteBox1" 
     DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1"  DataTextField="FirstName" InputType="Token" > 
    <TokensSettings AllowTokenEditing="true" /> 
</telerik:RadAutoCompleteBox > 

Only one token can be edited at a time. If while a token is in edit mode another one is clicked- it goes in edit mode instead of the previous one.

The user confirms Token text editing explicitly by pressing the "Enter" key and the Token text editing is canceled if the focus moves out of the Token input, or the user presses "Esc" key.

The AllowCustomEntry property should be set to true in order to be able to edit tokens in RadAutoCompleteBox control.

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