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Selection Mode

Selection Mode

Note that the property is valid after 2012 Q3 SP1 and above.

In order to use the single selection mode you will need to have set the InputType property of the RadAutoCompleteBox to Text. With single selection RadAutoCompleteBox becomes a single input searchbox, which is a widely used scenario. In single selection mode the user can freely type any characters inside the input and no additional editing is done to the text. The filtering is based on the whole text. At any point the get_text() method can be called to obtain the text of the AutoCompleteBox. For consistency, in this mode the EntriesCollection will have only one Entry, which will contain the whole text.

There are two values that can be set with the TextSettings-SelectionMode property - Single and Multiple. When no Selection Mode (TextSettings-SelectionMode) is set, the default value is Multiple.

Either of the two approaches below can be applied:

<telerik:RadAutoCompleteBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadAutoCompleteBox1" InputType="Text">
    <TextSettings SelectionMode="Single" />
<telerik:RadAutoCompleteBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadAutoCompleteBox1" InputType="Text" TextSettings-SelectionMode="Single">

On the client-side you easily set or get the selection mode using the set_selectionMode() and get_selectionMode() properties.

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